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Energy Star LED bulb lamp annual sales of more than 45000000

Energy star website recently disclosed, sponsored by the environmental protection agency in USA first challenge, meet energy star certification LED bulb lamp sales exceed 20000000. Replace the traditional light bulb so huge, will helpUSA annual savings of more than $118000000 in energy costs, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 3500000 vehicles produced. In the past year, from April 22, 2013 to April 22, 2014, USA numerous retailersincluding Ace Hardware, best buy (Best Buy), home depot have participated in this challenge. They promote energy star LED bulb lamp in the notification letter,website and store the exhibition, to help consumers understand the multiplebenefits of it. In addition, purchase subsidies also makes the lighting is more price advantage, meet the ordinary consumer choice. Although the reportedsales reached 20000000, but the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that last year the total sales of energy star LED bulb lamp has more than45000000. We must understand that, compared with incandescent lamp as light efficiency,energy star LED bulbs save 70%-90% of the energy consumption, and prolong the service life by 25 times. Only the energy star certification of lighting in its life cycle can save electricity costs $40-135.

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