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use led lights of advantage

can be colored white GU10 LED spotLights or E27 LED Lights or MR16 LED spotlights Advantage 1, high efficiency and energy saving One thousand hours consumption of electricity (60W incandescent lamp seventeen hour consumption of 1 kwh, ordinary 10W energy saving lamp one hundred hour consumption of 1 KWH) 2, long life Semiconductor chip emitting, no filament, no bubble, shock resistance, not easy to break, the service life of up to fifty thousand hours (common incandescentlamp life of only one thousand hours, the general energy-saving lamp life of only eight thousand hours) 3, health Ultraviolet and infrared light does not contain healthy light, no radiation (ordinarylight contains ultraviolet and infrared) 4, the green environmental protection: DC drive, no stroboscopic (ordinary lamp is the AC drive, it will inevitably producestroboscopic) 6, high light efficiency Low fever, 90% of the electrical energy into visible light (common incandescentlamp 80% of the electrical energy into heat energy, only 20% of the electrical energy into light energy) 7, high safety coefficient

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