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Where LED lamp price difference

Midsummer season, household consumption soared, easily breaking point ladder pricing provisions, many consumers will look to the LED light is more energy saving and environmental protection. At present, the market sales of the LEDlamp brand, variety, wide use range. However, different brands of LED lampprice gap, even up to ten times as much, the difference in where? Householdlamps are incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp and LED lamp 3, theconsumer is the most energy saving lamp, this is because many families have recognized the incandescent lamp high consumption of electricity therefore,using energy-saving lamps to replace it. LED lamp for many ordinary consumersare unfamiliar, because of its high price and not yet universal. Industry insiders said, from the economic and Protect environment perspective, LED lamp is the most energy saving and environmental protection, followed by energy-saving lamp, incandescent lamp is the waste of energy.

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