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Strong demand for LED lighting

According to the survey , with the rapid decline in LED prices , setting off LED lighting products to replace the tide , the global LED lighting products shipped next year the number reached 1.32 billion , annual growth of 68% active major plant layout , the U.S. subsidiary of Lite- Lin Electronics back sets sights on the three markets , the main number of certification Everlight lighting products , can benefit from the wave of development Epistar LED lighting , LED lighting in the proportion of the plant has increased significantly . Municipalities frequently adjusting unit recently published next year 's growth of LED lighting , mainly because governments benefit from policy support , product prices continue to decline , LED lighting market demand continues to grow. Observe the LED lighting market , pointed out that government agencies in North America to support efforts for LED lighting gradually increase the number of U.S. Energy Star (Energy Star) subsidy schemes for lighting products is growing rapidly , prompting further reduce prices of LED lighting products . U.S. manufacturers are optimistic about 2014 as Cree LED lighting market development , and sales are expected to grow alternative lighting products will become the next focus estimated LED lighting products in North America next year the amount of growth of 72 %, while next year's global LED light bulbs and tubes will be the main growth of over 60% LED lighting . Lite-On Group, recently published the first light forest own-brand LED bulbs can change color to a warm home demands , the main LED lighting , Lite estimate the sights before the end of next year 10% market share in Taiwan

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